Q: Do you provide any warranty on your repair?

A: We offer a 90 day warranty on all parts and 30 days on any labor performed on your TV.

Q: Is my item worth repairing?

A: Some items are worth repairing while others are not. Once our technicians have a chance to look at the item, you can always determine if it is worth fixing based on the repair estimate.

Q: How likely is it that my unit can be repaired?

A: Since we specialize in repairing electronics we usually repair more than 90% of all TVs.

Q: My TV is dead, is it possible the switch is bad?

A: More than likely no. The more probable cause is some electrical components have failed which causes the TV to not turn on.

Q: I have a DLP/LCD projection TV that takes a lamp, how long should it last?

A: There is no way to tell for sure. We have seen lamps go out anywhere from 1,000-8,000 hours. It really depends on your television viewing habits.

Q: Is there any way to extend my lamp life?

A: Keeping the unit well ventilated and clean is always good. If you want to, remove the lamp once a month to make sure there is no dust on it. If there is, simply wipe it off or spray it with a good shot of air duster spray. DO NOT TOUCH THE GLASS ELEMENT ON THE LAMP. If you did, simply wipe it off with a clean dry rag to remove any fingerprints/oil from your hands.

Q: Can you please explain why quality service seems so expensive?

A: You're not just paying for the time spent in your home to repair the product. There is usually research time spent prior to coming to your home so the technician can be prepared to give speedy service once there. There is also some cost involved in getting parts, literature, or any other items needed to complete the repair quickly.

Q: My product was recently repaired, and it has failed again. What should I do?

A: Contact the servicer who serviced it the first time and give them the opportunity to make it right. Even if it's out of the service center's warranty period, many will give you a "break" on additional repairs.

Q: Why does it take so long to get a part?

A: Sometimes they are unavailable from the factory or the manufacturer, and the servicer has to wait. In some cases, parts may be permanently unavailable for your model, even though it does not seem that old.

Q: I bought a television online at an auction site. Where can I buy a warranty for it?

A: Unfortunately, you probably can't. Although you may have gotten a great price, the ability to buy an extended warranty is only available if you buy through a retail source (either online or offline) that has a relationship with a warranty company. Always ask before you buy a product if a warranty is available, and ask for the name of the company that will service the warranty so you can check them out.

Q: My TV was working last night, but I cannot turn it on now. What went wrong?

A: Most people think the power on/off switch is defective. There are different things that can cause this problem. However, defective power regulators and horizontal circuits are usual suspects. This problem in general and is repairable.


Our Customers Feedback

As soon as he came to my house, The serviceman knew what was wrong in a matter of minutes. I told him we had no picture coming from our 8 year old Panasonic TV. In a very short amount of time he replaced a part and wow... my TV was working again. I couldn't believe it... They did such a great job... He even came earlier than the time he said he'd be there. He fixed the tv and was on his way. So fast and at a good price too. Amazing!

Thanks! They fixed my Sony TV!

These people are really here to help you. They are not just trying to get your money. Really easy to work with and really great prices. Love it!

Really great service, quick and reliable. I would use them again if my TV had any problems. They came to my home and fixed my problem very quickly. Just in time for the game too... Thanks!


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